What are included in price ?

The prices which indicated in our announcements  are just for accomadation prices.Our company will not demand any other payments from you.In reservation and announcement steps, you can ask for other payments to your host or responsible person except electricity, water, gas, deposit and first cleaning. Especially in some houses which electricity and water and gas prices are not included, you should take information from your host about calculations.(like counter control etc.) These houses can be cheaper but we suggest you to prefer all included houses incase extra  high invoices. In  this sector generally  payments are included in prices and no other payments will be demanded except deposit. And this increases the price.

How we calculate daily accomadation?

Daily accomadations are calculated according to night same as in hotels. If your reservation is on Monday entranance, you will get out on next  Monday again.In our site, Daily calculation prices’ section, indicated prices are calculated average monthly.There can be some changes on special days like Ramadan month and Feasts.

How many days are minimum for hiring?

This changes according to time in year and villas. You can see this in details of your chosen villa.

How we carry out the damage deposit ?

The damage deposits are the ones you pay to your host or responsible person beforehand  incase there can be some damages and this is announced in our site. When your accomadation time finishes, villa will be controlled and if there is no damage, your deposit will be given back. If you don’t give any deposit, your host will want extra money  from you for damages. Some hosts will pay back your deposits back via bank if you deal like that. This damage deposits are not related with our company. It is a deal between the host and guests. If the host will determine any damage in the villa and if prove it, he/she will demand you repair money. 

What are the check in / out hours ?

These details are given in our site announcements. The time between check in and out is cleaning time. These  hours can be changed between the host and renter when they deal.So you should keep in touch with your host  the day before you come. The troubles that occured because of the cut electricity etc. , your host can  arrange your check  in 1 or 2 hours.In these circumstances, please welcome it because your host is tring to prepare the house for you.

Your entrance hours will not be same as your exit.For example if you enter at 3pm you can not say ı can exit 3pm. Because the villa should be cleaned for the new comers. Please be respectful for this.



What is the capacity in accomadation and how the system works?

The numbers indicated in our announcements are maximum numbers. The furniture, towels, hot water etc. Are arrenged according to the numbers. Until 3 year old child are cosidered as baby so they are not included in numbers. Others are considered as a person cos we give them one bed in our villas. But if you demand extra bed from your host by payment or free baby bed, they won’t considered in number. If you exceed capacity number, your agreement can be cancelled and your host can demand you to get out from villa. The extra beds and sofas will be explained in our announceents. Lacks occured because of the total capacity will not be considered. Extra bed demands generally rejected. The host can demand extra money for extra bed.



How to calculate the distances?

The distances given in our announcements are estimated   and  just given for information. The locations are pointed on maps. For accurate distances, you shoul calculate it from maps. The distance to the beach is considered for the nearest one. In Turkey, beaches are free legally and open for everyone. And these beaches sometimes can not be as clean as private ones.

The markets and restaurants which are far can be open until midnight and these are mostly work  in season time.So thie opening and closing times can be change.



Is there any pet approved villa ?

This informations are given in our villa announcements. You can check them from there.  Our hosts can demand you extra deposit from you cos of the pets. And if any damages happen during your stay, your host will demand damage Money from you.



Is there any insurance in your villas ?

This responsibility is totally belong to your host. If there are insurance for ( eartquake, fire, flood etc.)

Renters are not included in it because of their short temporary  stay. So if you don’t want to live any difficulties, you should make your own private insurances before  your travel.


How can I make reservation ?

You can see the details page  of the villa you chose, in reservation modüle, you can enter your entrance and exit dates and number of people stay and payments section. Under all this details, click  ‘Send request’ button and fill the informations needed.

My reservation is approved , how can I pay ?

You should click  payment button in your e mail adresse while you are making your reservation or the code given to you, you can access our payment pages and use your credit card safely or money transfer from the bank.



How can I ask something before my reservation ?

You can access us and ask anything from our web site or telephone numbers.

What should I do about villa’s technical details ?

Our villas are checked by owners or housekeepers before our guests arrive.but there can sometimes be some technical problems like electicity or water cut because of  overuses or badly behaved etc.. Never try to repair anything, just let your house owners know it.Your houseowner have to deal with it in 24 hours. But sometimes there can be delays on it because of tecnicians or high season.please keep your patiance in these circumstances.What we generally meet is electricity or water cuts or airconditioner problems  or television faults.

Does our houseowner has any right for dispossession us?

If any guests bring illegal things (hashish or heroin  etc..) or done something illegal and if these are determined, houseowner has a right for dispossession. And also making loud noise or disturbing  people around  are not allowed. If these kind of thing happen, your houseowner warn you first and in second time they have a right to dispossess you. If you have many children and if you thing there will be much noise, please choose your villas location which is not center of the city.


How can we find our villas and how we settle down?

If you want to find your villa alone with your own efforts, we will give you exact location and navigation. But if you prefer transfer, we can take you from airport or busterminal and pick you up to your villa.